Shia LaBeouf Goes Off in Bowling Alley: ‘You F*cking Racist!’ (Video)

Rob Kim/Getty Images

Actor Shia LaBeouf reportedly got into a screaming match with another person at an L.A. bowling alley Wednesday night, calling the other bowler a “f*cking racist” before staff asked him to leave, according to a report.

In video obtained by TMZ, the 30-year-old actor and “He Will Not Divide Us” performance artist can be seen screaming at another person while being escorted out of the Pinz bowling alley in Studio City.

It wasn’t immediately clear what sparked the shouting match, but LaBeouf apparently yelled something about “Tennessee,” which is where his latest anti-Donald Trump art project was briefly located before being found and removed by Internet sleuths last month.

LaBeouf appears to call the other person a “f*cking racist” and yells “f*ck you!” before being escorted out.

LaBeouf has become known as much for his performance art as his acting in recent months.

In January, he launched an anti-Trump art project called “He Will Not Divide Us” outside the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, New York. The project was subsequently forced to move three times as it became a magnet for protesters and pranksters.

The actor’s latest film, Man Down, made headlines this week when it sold just one ticket during its opening weekend in the UK. The film — which only played in one theater in the country, along with its release on digital platforms — has since reportedly sold an additional two tickets, though it fared better in its U.S. release in December.


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