Finding the Right Balance Among Religion, Free Speech, and Humor

Thought experiment here, does anyone think this is offensive?

[youtube 2ukom8ctCu8&feature nolink]

If that offended you please cease reading now and write me hate mail before you go to class at Bob Jones University, or file child-abuse charges against Jesus. Humor is a way to cope with the problems of the world. Only fundamentalists who take themselves way too seriously cannot understand this simple human concept. Fact is, most Christians are not offended this easily, nor would we threaten with death this guy:

PIC 1.3

Or even this guy:

PIC 1.2

I am a Christian. I have been my whole life. Went to Calvary Chapel Christian school, been baptized, youth group, college Bible studies, the whole works. I attended a Lutheran Church Confirmation today (I’m not Lutheran but was invited by the Candidate I’m working for here in Iowa). Even at this serious event, in a serious denomination, in a seriously old dark oak German building, the cleric brought humor into the Sermon. His first line to all the 14-year-old newly minted Lutherans was:

“You have all wasted the last three years of your life.” Followed by humorous anecdotes.

That’s what makes Christianity such a beautiful religion to be apart of and such a perfect fit in our society. We can laugh at ourselves. It brings us back to reality and helps us correct some of our flaws. Three cheers for Trey Parker and Matt Stone for daring to treat Islam the same way they treat all other religions, and shame on the MSM for underreporting this gross injustice against freedom of speech when Comedy Central censored the creativity of these culture warriors.

For any of you who want to see Mohamed in South Park, here he in a July 4, 2001 episode before the censors got out their black boxes:


Hooray for new media.