In Wake of WI Hitler Comparisons, Rep. Cleaver Wants "Civility Watchdog Group"

Democrat Missouri Rep. Emanuel Cleaver said on Thursday he supports the creation of a “civility watchdog group” and for them to “rank us on the basis of our civility.”

Cleaver, who, with the media’s help, was also involved in the smearing of tea party protesters in March 2010, has been a leading advocate for “toning down” political rhetoric in the wake of Rep. Giffords shooting.

Interestingly on the same day, liberal union protesters in Wisconsin frothed at the mouth to the point of near riot over Governor Scott Walker’s budget cuts – and it wasn’t simply protesting that was going on. I’d say the language was quite, uncivil.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Of course, you won’t see those photos in the papers.

Yes, the newly elected Wisconsin Governor attempting to prevent state bankruptcy is akin to Hitler, Mubarak, and of course …

On top of that, here’s an Exhibit C via video


Maybe Rep. Cleaver’s watchdog group should begin here – but that flies in the face of the narrative espoused by WaPo’s Eugene Robinson, “Violent political rhetoric … comes almost exclusively from the right.” Thus, don’t hold your breath on that condemnation from Cleaver’s office.