Could a Possible #OccupyWallStreet Connection Explain Lack of MSM's White House Shooting Coverage?

***UPDATED: Ace of Spades has much more here.

***SECOND UPDATE: Suspect has been caught.

Oscar Ramiro Ortega

The story of a shooting involving the White House is just breaking wide open this morning. Drudge is all over it as is Twitter. But the shooting occurred last Friday night, and a full two days ago the media quietly reported the following [emphasis mine]:

Police in the nation’s capital searched the Occupy D.C. encampment in McPherson Square on Monday for a 21-year-old man wanted in Friday night’s incident where gunfire was reported near the White House.

As the Washington Examiner reported, U.S. Park Police officers conducted a “sweep” of the park and were seen pulling an Occupy protester out of a tent and questioning him.

That search was unsuccessful, The Associated Press reported. Park Police Sgt. David Schlosser told the AP that callers informed police that a man matching the description of Oscar Ramiro Ortega was seen in the park, located two blocks north of the White House.

Yes, that’s right, a man suspected of firing a shot that hit the White House might be associated with the MSM’s precious Occupy Wall Street movement.

But check out the headline of that article as well as this AP headline. The disconnect is obvious. The AP headline doesn’t connect the shooter to the Occupy movement, and the Huffington Post headline doesn’t connect the Occupy camp search to the White House shooting.

Is that intentional?

Does an Occupier poop on the sidewalk?

And now I need you to stand back while I ask the most rhetorical question in history: What if this was the Tea Party?

Worse still, this story’s even more troubling than originally reported on Monday. At first it looked as though the White House wasn’t the target, that it had been hit in a gunfire exchange. This ABC News story from last night, however, tells us that the suspected shooter might have a White House fixation:

ABC News has learned authorities are increasingly concerned that a man sought in connection with a bizarre shooting incident on the Washington Mall last week may pose a threat to President Obama.

The Secret Service now suspects that a bullet fired in this incident may have hit the White House after a bullet round was found in a White House window, though the round had not yet been conclusively linked to the incident. The round was stopped by ballistic glass behind the historic exterior glass, while an additional round has been found on the exterior of the White House.

Police believe the suspect, 21-year-old Oscar Ramiro Ortega of Idaho, is mentally ill. Ortega has an extensive record, ranging from domestic violence to drug charges. Sources say a police investigation has uncovered evidence suggesting Ortega has a fixation on the White House.

And then waaaaaay at the bottom of the article, ABC News dutifully slips in this information hoping we won’t notice:

U.S. Park police say Ortega may have spent time blending in with Occupy D.C. protesters.

This is a five day old story about a man who may have fired shots at the White House with the intent of killing our President, and he has connections to the Occupy Wall Street movement. But for all intents and purposes, the MSM is covering up and underplaying these facts. And they’re most certainly doing everything in their power to keep us from connecting those dots.

Think about how corrupt the MSM is. We may have a man on the loose with the intent to kill our President, and the media is likely underplaying the story to protect the Occupy Wall Street movement. Maybe if this had been the story it deserved to be two or three days ago, the suspect would’ve been caught already.

But Oscar Ramiro Ortega is still on the loose, still a suspected threat to our President, and if you don’t think his possible ties to the Occupy movement and the MSM’s desire to protect that movement has something to do with this story not getting the attention it deserves, you’re not paying attention.