George Stephanopoulos Pressed Contraception Question to Win a Bet with Diane Sawyer

Who cares about jobs? Who cares about the economy? Who cares about Obamacare? Who cares about Operation Fast & Furious? Who cares about our debt? Who cares about national security? Obviously not George Stephanopoulos or Diane Sawyer.

Last Saturday they moderated a Republican debate, and Mr. Stephanopoulos asked Governor Romney about contraception. I’m not shocked ABC’s moderators would ask something so stupid, but it became weird and awkward because Mr. Stephanopoulos kept pressing Governor Romney. It turns out it was all part of a bet! Yes, in an interview with Steven Colbert, it’s revealed that Ms. Sawyer bet Mr. Stephanopoulos he could not get Governor Romney to say contraception is working just fine.

[youtube 6pxyzAjk72U]

You must watch the video. It’s actually quite hilarious how serious Mr. Stephanopoulos is about this question. The audience boos him. Governor Romney eats Mr. Stephanopoulos’s dinner & dessert, yet the anchor will not stop until he receives a direct answer to his stupid question. He kept on this question just so he could win a bet with Ms. Sawyer. Damn the REAL issues us Americans care about! It’s way more important for Mr. Stephanopoulos to win a bet. He even tells Mr. Colbert, “I really want to win this bet.”

I wonder how ABC News will respond to this. I wouldn’t like it if my debate moderators used my stage as their little playground. It not only reflects poorly on Mr. Stephanopoulos and Ms. Sawyer, but it reflects poorly on ABC News. It doesn’t help that ABC News already has a shaky reputation because of their liberal bias. These two moderators acted like elementary school children. It’s disgusting, and they should be ashamed of themselves. I also think they should apologize to us viewers and the candidates, especially Governor Romney, for wasting our time and ignoring the issues all of us consider way more important than contraception.