WaPo's Erik Wemple Lashes Out at MSM for Not Describing Roland Martin's Tweets as 'Homophobic'

Erik Wemple of the Washington Post was (along with Politico’s Dylan Byers) one of fascistic GLAAD’s primary co-conspirators in the blacklisting witch hunt to get CNN’s Roland Martin suspended from CNN, over a few perfectly harmless and defensible tweets Martin fired off during Sunday’s Super Bowl.

With Martin’s bloody scalp clenched in his teeth, it looks as though Wemple is apparently a little disappointed that he’s not being celebrated by his media colleagues as some kind of sacred slayer of homophobes. In fact, from the looks of a bitter post he published a little over an hour ago, Wemple ended his victory dance, looked around, and discovered that he was the only one who showed up at the celebration he planned for himself. 

Methinks Wemple is feeling a little naked and alone due to the fact that his MSM pals aren’t as eager to describe Martin’s tweets in the same way he hysterically did — as a “homophobic outburst.”

Hear Wemple whine:

Here’s how the Associated Press described those tweets:

CNN suspended political analyst Roland Martin on Wednesday for “offensive” tweets during the Super Bowl that some critics said were anti-gay.


There’s nothing factually wrong with how the New York Times and the AP abridged the tweets. Yes, the tweets were “interpreted by some to be anti-gay.” That’s well documented. And yes, “some critics” indeed said they were “anti-gay.” Again, well documented.

Yet the treatment by these cornerstone media properties remains silent on what the tweets actually are. In both cases, Martin is encouraging physical reprisals against men who are attracted to the same sex. There’s also some stereotyping thrown in — “pink suit” — to eliminate all doubt about the population Martin is offending.

Wemple then huffs on for an improbable thousand words over how outrageous it is that no one could read Martin’s gay-hating mind and intent as well as he could.

But the story isn’t really Wemple. Blacklisting blacklisters are gunna blacklist. Wemple will always be a PC speech-policer who abuses his WaPo perch, and that’s all there is to that.

What is disappointing, though, is that it’s pretty obvious now that not everyone in the media is ready to declare Martin’s tweets as “homophobic.” And if that’s the case…

Why aren’t they standing up for Roland Martin instead of just covering the story as though none of this matters?


In sadder news:

CNN commentator Roland Martin has agreed to meet with GLAAD following his suspension Wednesday for tweets during the Super Bowl that the group and others denounced as homophobic.

Martin did nothing wrong, knows he did nothing wrong, but has still agreed to kiss the ring of his persecutors.

Unless he tells them they can all go to hell, that’s just sad.