Pollak: Breitbart More Courageous than Conservative Critics

Pollak: Breitbart More Courageous than Conservative Critics

Breitbart.com Editor-in-Chief Joel Pollak took to the Washington Times this week to call out opportunistic “conservative” pundits who have taken petty, posthumous potshots at Andrew Breitbart and to say a few words about the long-term vision of the late entrepreneur:

Andrew Breitbart would not have been surprised by the out-pouring of liberal hate after his death. He would have reveled in it, relished it, retweeted it. He enjoyed watching the left unmask itself, revealing pretensions at “civility” to be nothing more than bullying…

And he would have been disappointed – though not surprised – to see some of the most untruthful things about his life being said by those who call themselves fellow conservatives, those sophists who exploited Andrew’s death in the ceaseless effort to portray themselves as the urbane alternative to the great unwashed Tea Party masses in the dark interior of the Republican Party…

[W]hat gave Andrew hope was the knowledge that each individual was a potential citizen journalist, able to capture and disseminate the reality that the media and its satraps, conservative and liberal, remain desperate to hide. The vetting project that Andrew began earlier this year was aimed not just at Mr. Obama and his rivals, but also at the media, without whom the entire Obama presidency would have been impossible.

In doing so, Andrew showed the uncommon valor that is beyond the comprehension of those “conservatives” warmly nestled in the bosom of the beast. Though he was – and remains – irreplaceable, Andrew cultivated a cohort of citizen journalists that continues the work he began at the media empire that bears his name. He made this great country bigger for those, left and right, who dare to embrace its fragile freedoms. 

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