Reuters Indecisive On Zimmerman's Race

Reuters Indecisive On Zimmerman's Race

The amount of media malpractice in the Trayvon Martin case is astounding and will make it nearly impossible to obtain justice. Reuters doesn’t help with their latest on the story, wherein they cannot decide how to racially compartmentalize George Zimmerman:

Zimmerman, 28, a white Hispanic neighborhood watch captain, believed the young man walking through the gated community in a “hoodie” hooded sweatshirt looked suspicious. Zimmerman followed him and an altercation ensued.

Reuters’ story is less sensational than some of the others I’ve seen. Numerous media entities have labeled Zimmerman a “white Hispanic” and have thoroughly investigated his heritage and ancestry. It’s important for the media to do that so they can justify personalities like Al Sharpton and groups like the New Black Panthers who are determined to turn this into a white vs black 60s race war election tactic. 

Zimmerman’s family identifies him as Hispanic, but media promotes “white” Hispanic. Does it matter? If the court finds a crime has occurred, a crime is a crime. All crimes are done from hate. 

We’re watching a tragedy become even more tragic with media sensationalism, and truth eludes us while everyone plays identity politics.