Ace Reporter Chelsea Clinton Renews Three-Month Contract With NBC

Ace Reporter Chelsea Clinton Renews Three-Month Contract With NBC

Chelsea Clinton, who was hired as a reporter by NBC and subsequently called “one of the most boring people of her era” by no less than the Clinton outlet Washington Post, has renewed her three-month contract with NBC. NBC, ABC and CBS all courted Clinton last fall, with NBC winning the dubious sweepstakes.  

One insider admitted, “Her agent calls, asks if you want to meet with Chelsea Clinton, you take the meeting.” But in the true mold of her parents, Clinton set the rules; one executive said, “There were ground rules, what she could and couldn’t report, only good news, no politics.  They [the Clinton team] acted like we should be grateful” that she was offering her services.  He also described her audition as horrible.

Unlike other young journalists who have to work their way up the ladder, Clinton leads an elitist life that includes a personal chauffeur, a personal spokesperson, and a chief of staff. In the five months she has been at NBC, she has done only three “Making A Difference” segments.

In the Clinton family tradition, Chelsea’s technique is to trade on Bill Clinton’s name to grab positions that otherwise would be unapproachable. Most famously, Hilary traded on her husband’s name to run for the Senate in a state where she had hardly lived. Now Chelsea has a plum job at NBC with similarly skimpy qualifications.

She’s a Clinton. No experience necessary.