If Mediaite Can Condemn Dan Savage, Why Won't Obama?

If Mediaite Can Condemn Dan Savage, Why Won't Obama?

Mediate actually took time out of their usual-usual — gushing over how awesome Stewart and Colbert are, defending Occupy rape deniers, and teaming with Media Matters in their ongoing crusade to damage my colleague Dana Loesch’s relationship with CNN — to condemn anti-bully bully Dan Savage:

But when Savage behaves this way, he does more to hold back the equality movement. I understand he has no interest in converting Bible-thumpers to see the world his way, but when gay rights activists stoop to the same level as gay-bashers, and become religious-people-bashers, they polarize the debate even further. The word “tolerance” should always be Savage’s greatest weapon, and he would be better served to consistently espouse a live-and-let-live view of humanity: “So long as I don’t physically harm you, why should you care what I do? I don’t care that you are religious and find my lifestyle offensive. Leave me alone, and I will leave you alone.”

Naturally, the always context-challenged Mediaite leaves out Savage’s lengthy rap sheet of bullying to pretend this is some sort of isolated incident. But, hey, when it comes to a left-wingers like Mediaite, we’ll take what we can get. 

Now where is Barack Obama on this? Our President has closely aligned himself to this anti-bully bully who just bullied a group of the President’s fellow Christians. You would think the President would want to distance himself or at least say something about the incident.

Oh, that’s right, Obama’s too busy trying to convince America he killed bin Laden with his own bare hands.