CNN's Costello Uses Stephen Colbert to Smear Romney

CNN's Costello Uses Stephen Colbert to Smear Romney

Man alive, where does CNN find these awful anchors?

Somewhere in MediaVille there must be an ad that reads:

Collapsing network seeks smug, sanctimonious unknowns. Must be a completely unlikable Leftist absolutely incapable of hiding a political agenda.

Soledad O’Brien? Don Lemon? Piers Morgan? Anderson Cooper? And the worst of them all, Carol Costello.

But I’m digressing a bit….

Watch what Costello and The Most Trusted Name In News do in this clip to smear, undermine, and stereotype Romney in the exact way the Obama campaign has asked them to:


The most obvious thing Costello and The Most Trusted Name In News do is to bend over backwards to peg Romney as elitist and out-of-touch — and they do so with mockery and to make him look ridiculous. This is all part of the over-arching goal of Team Obama and his Media Palace Guards to disqualify Romney by undermining his competence.

Then Costello brings together what she would no doubt defend as a balanced panel to discuss the matter: a leftist and an “independent” from The, uhm, Daily Beast. What follows is all three, including Costello, pretty much agreeing with one another, with a side order of pathetically transparent concern-trolling.

The most notable left-wing tactic Costello and The Most Trusted Name In News utilize, though, is the resurrecting the 2008 Playbook that worked so effectively against the McCain/Palin ticket — and that’s using America’s left-wing satirists as though doing so isn’t about an agenda but just about how it’s all so ho-ho-ho funny.

Nobody watches “Saturday Night Live” anymore, but in order to wash their hands of it all and still seek to destroy Sarah Palin in ’08, the very same media that presents itself as objective, played over and over and over and over again every devastating SNL attack Tina Fey launched against Palin. And you can bet there was an agenda behind it. As corrupt as our media is, they’re not stupid. They understand that satire can stereotype, undermine, and make a national of mockery of anyone, especially through the act of repetition.

Satirists understand this, as well. This is why they refuse to go after Barack Obama — they don’t want to damage him. This is also why no one touched the target-rich environment that is Elizabeth Warren’s disputed claims of Cherokee ancestry — something that would’ve been used to annihilate a conservative (and rightly so).

As far as these so-called satirists go, they have every right to target whomever they like. But for the media to use them to further an agenda while pretending to be objective and acting as though the airing of the attack-clip is only about sharing a light moment — that’s entirely different.

The political influence of the basement-rated Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert does not come from the people — 99.97 of the population doesn’t watch them. That influence comes from the corrupt media repeatedly airing their clips in order to emphasize and push narratives that damage the Right.

And as we can now see, when it comes to Mitt Romney, America’s low-rated satirists and our corrupt media have finally found The Shared Narrative to aid and abet a failed president into a second term.   


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