John Kerry Is A 'Corporate Wife'

John Kerry Is A 'Corporate Wife'

Continuing with their reelection theme of warring on women, Juan Williams last night remarked that Ann Romney “looked like a corporate wife.”

Ann Romney has been attacked relentlessly by the left because her husband is successful. She was told that she doesn’t work, she was attacked for wearing clothes less expensive than those worn by Michelle Obama; she isn’t attacked for her policy or her husband’s, rather she’s attacked for being an outspoken Republican woman. 

By Juan Williams’ logic, if Ann Romney looks like a “corporate wife,” so does John Kerry. Kerry has his fortune because his wife’s late husband was a Heinz and a hard worker. He enjoys the life of luxury his wife’s money brings to the table. 

It’s amazing how the left idolizes women like Jackie Kennedy, who presented a classy, demure public persona, but “looks like a corporate wife,” according to their standards today. Williams appeared on Fox this afternoon to explain his comment and remark upon the story Ann Romney told about her husband and the love that motivates her in both marriage and country. 

Williams’ comment is just another in the ongoing volley towards Ann Romney to judge her on her sex rather than the merit of the ideas in which she believes.