Media Watch: Please Make the Media's Debate Obsession Stop

The media is now in full, 24/7, pre-game debate mode, which is both tedious and a real plus for a Barack Obama who would prefer we not discuss issues like the economy and Libya.

The media frequently makes me angry, but it’s when the media is meaningless like this that I really despise what they do.

The debate isn’t until tomorrow night, and yet, with so much happening in the world, here we are already programming like fight night is just hours away.

It’s all so — if you’ll pardon the expression — masturbatory. The media loves these binges of pure analysis because they get to listen to themselves talk for the 48 hours before the debate and the 148 hours afterwards. It’s a narcissist-a-thon of talking heads repeating ad nauseum what every other talking head says and yet still somehow acting as though they were the first ones who said it. 

The worst part is that we already know Obama’s going to win the debate whether he does or not. The media will ensure that. So this is really like a 48 hour pre-game show for a Super Bowl for which we already know the outcome.   


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