**VP Debate Live Blog** Watchdogging the ObamaMedia

**VP Debate Live Blog** Watchdogging the ObamaMedia

After Mitt Romney so completely wiped the floor with President Obama last week that even the corrupt media was unable to spin it into anything other than a debacle, look for two things tonight:

1. After the beating Jim Lehrer took from his media colleagues for not rescuing Obama, look for tonight’s debate moderator, Martha Raddatz, to be much more aggressive and intrusive. As I wrote earlier today, Paul Ryan will be out-numbered 2-to-1.

2. If Biden can simply come close to a draw, look to hear a lot of this from the corrupt media: “Biden got the Obama campaign back on track tonight.”

The media refuses to discuss the writing on the wall, but that doesn’t mean they don’t see it. Tonight is the night they hope to right the ship.

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MSNBC Not Melting Down, But Also Not Celebrating

Fascinating dynamic on MSNBC. It’s always an echo chamber but it’s not as though they’re energized and popping champagne corks.


CNN Hits Biden On His Condescending Smirks

For the most part CNN is calling the debate a draw on substance. But on style, the CNN panel is hitting him hard for being kins of a jerk.

Ryan passed the test.


Horrible Moderator: Martha Raddatz Interrupts Ryan Constantly, Asks Stupid Questions

Why would Raddatz about ask about manhood in this economy? And her constant interrupting of Ryan every time he was about to make a point came off as intentional.


Pretty Mind-Blowing CNN Employs Race-Baiting, Extremist Commie Truther Van Jones

Just sayin’.


CNN Reports Ryan’s Zinger If Biden Plays The Hometown Scranton Guy

CNN just reported that if Biden tries to play the hometown, every day, lunch bucket Scranton boy, Ryan’s going to remind him that when Obama took office in 2008, the unemployment rate in Scranton was 8%. Now it’s over 10%.

Good strategy by the Romney campaign leaking this this late. Goes right to the heart of Biden’s gameplan and you can bet they’re scrambling right now.


Washington Post’s JournOlist Inventor Calls Ryan a Liar

The thing to keep in mind about Ezra Klein is that the corrupt Washington Post presents this unbelievably dishonest leftist as an objective journalist. He’s on MSNBC as much as anyone at Politico and even guest-hosts Rachel Maddow’s show — but he’s objective.

Anyway, he’s on with Maddow now geeking out over some time he spent wonking with Paul Ryan and in that matter-of-fact way the corrupt media’s perfected, he tells Rachel that while you never catch Ryan off guard in a debate; he always has an answer, but sometimes he’ll just make numbers up instead of admit he’s wrong.

I expect this from MSNBC, but what’s notable is that this is WaPo’s “objective” journalist laying The Narrative Track about Ryan being a liar and that we can expect him to lie during this debate.  


Chuck Todd Is Full of It

I’m sorry, but the Dr. No of media bias is just full of it.

He was just on MSNBC with Rachel Madow spinning the poll numbers. “They’re back to pre-debate levels,” he says reassuringly. “But the president still has an edge.”

The problem with Todd, other than the fact that he’s a dishonest race-baiter, is that he’s in a bubble marked “media polls.” He refuses to acknowledge any poll other than the media ones that tell him what he so desperately wants to hear.

This shill called Rasmussen polls “slop.”

In 2008, Rasmussen was the most reliable pollster in America — #1.

Todd’s precious NBC polls ranked somewhere arround #15.

He’s just the worst.


CNN’s Dana Bash Hammers Ryan On Janesville Plant Closing, Edits His Answer Out

For the record, I like Dana Bash. She’s one of the better political reporters out there. But as we all know, the Obama campaign’s theme since last week’s debate debacle is LIAR! So Bash dredges up this tired old canard of the Ryan convention-speech video where he talks about the Obama coming to Wisconsin in ’08, promises to keep an auto plant open, and doesn’t keep the promise.

Bash then informs Ryan that Democrats and “fact-checkers” called him a liar. Ryan is more then ready for this but his response is truncated by an awkward edit.


If you’re going to work that hard to set up the question, let the man answer in full.  


Has Anyone Ever Seen Stef Cutter and David Gregory in the Same Room Together?

Just a question.