Data: PolitiFact's 'Pants on Fire' Awarded Overwhelmingly to Republicans, Conservatives

Data: PolitiFact's 'Pants on Fire' Awarded Overwhelmingly to Republicans, Conservatives

A new chart has debuted showing the stark bias that purported “fact checker” PolitiFact commits against Republicans and conservatives. The chart demonstrates how people on the right side of the aisle have been scolded by PolitiFact far more often and with much greater virulence than have Democrats and liberals.

This particular chart was assembled by calculating the number of “Pants on Fire” awards to what PolitiFact claims are lies by our national political figures. “Pants on Fire” is the greatest demerit PolitiFact offers.

Blogger Chuck Rogers explains:

We assembled this chart by sorting PolitiFact’s complete list of “Pants on Fire” rulings. We filtered out any rulings of chain email or anonymous Facebook posts (although these were virtually all conservative viewpoints), as well as politicians or organizations who had only one “Pants on Fire” ruling (but again, even these were mostly conservatives).

The most impressive result is how PolitiFact treated Mitt Romney. He has received a “Pants on Fire” ruling more than twice than that of any other politician except Michele Bachmann. And, according to PolitiFact, Bachmann herself is far and away a worse liar than any other pol besides Romney.

Amazingly, Romney’s “Pants on Fire” hits are three times more than Obama’s and Obama has had seven years of campaigning and four years of Presidency during which he’s committed one lie after another.

Vice President Joe Biden, who has become a punchline for his gaffes and inaccurate statements has merely the same number of “Pants on Fire” statements as the little-known “Government Is Not God PAC,” fewer than nine conservative politicians and pundits.

For those suffering under the delusion that PolitiFact is unbiased, this chart should go a long way to disabuse them of that notion.  The Democrats and the media appealed to allegedly unbiased fact-checkers like PolitiFact as authorities on American politics throughout the last election, although it’s clear that the fact-check class had stacked the deck against Mitt Romney from the start.  

This is how the Democrat Media Complex works.