CNN Panel Talks Alex Jones, Ignores Shapiro-Morgan Debacle

CNN Panel Talks Alex Jones, Ignores Shapiro-Morgan Debacle

CNN’s Reliable Sources panel is taking their orders well: ignore the Ben Shapiro-Piers Morgan debacle and play up the Morgan-Alex Jones interview. It’s a clever strategy that the left always uses; when they get creamed they pretend it never happened. The panel actually took the time to discuss the question “How did Piers Morgan handle Alex Jones?” posed by Obama shill Howard Kurtz. 

The discussion centered on whether Jones, who lost his temper and appeared wild-eyed and ranting, should have been invited.

Paul Farhi of The Washington Post asked, “Did anyone at CNN or Piers Morgan’s show ever see or hear Alex Jones before they booked him on that show?”  He disingenuously argued that Jones would get more attention (which, of course, is exactly what CNN, the Post, and the Obama administration want, portraying gun owners as wild-eyed fanatics.) Score one for the left.

Keli Goff of disagreed and liked that Jones was on because if it came down to “who came across looking more sane,” then Morgan won.  Score two for the left.

Robert Costa, Washington editor of The National Review, called the Jones interview “entertainment.” He noted that “I think a lot of gun advocates don’t have the hysteria that Jones has.” Correct, Robert. Is it any shock why CNN wouldn’t talk about that particular interview?