EW: Is Dorner to Blame for Obama's Low SOTU Ratings?

EW: Is Dorner to Blame for Obama's Low SOTU Ratings?

In 2008, Barack Obama won 53% of the vote and a total of over 69 million votes. In 2012, Obama didn’t break 51% and received fewer than 66 million votes. This means that Obama is the rare president whose re-election victory was less impressive than his election victory. The media, however, refuses to talk about this reality.

Currently, we’re in the middle of an across-the-media-spectrum propaganda push that claims Obama’s re-election represents a smashing referendum to do everything except, you know, fix the economy and create jobs. In order to keep this manufactured reality humming, the fact that the American people are suffering in Obama’s economy and tuning the man out must either be ignored or spun.

As an example, the news that our wildly popular, recently re-elected president lost 11% of his State of the Union audience over last year hardly made a ripple in the media. “Entertainment Weekly,” though, saw it as its job to craft an excuse of a headline that its very own story didn’t support.


State of the Union viewership down: Was Dorner a factor?


But on a couple of the cable networks, intensive live national Dorner coverage actually increased viewership for Obama’s speech compared to last year since Fox News, CNN and MSNBC were all covering Dorner up until the address — giving the president a presumably strong lead-in.

Up is down.

Black is white.

 Freedom is slavery. War is peace. Ignorance is strength.

The chocolate rations have increased from 12 grams to 10 grams.


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