Christians Slaughtered, Media Yawns

Christians Slaughtered, Media Yawns

According to a Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, Christians suffer and are harassed in more places than any other religious group. Writing for The Commentator, Lawrence J. Haas asks, “How many more Christians around the world must die before global leaders, the media, and others of influence gives this horror the attention it deserves?”

As remarkable as the global assault, however, is the relative silence by global leaders and the media. Though Christians are overwhelmingly the leaders of governments across the West, no national leader has seen fit to call much attention to the horror.

“[T]here are Christians in the countries of focus who are tortured, raped, imprisoned, or killed for their faith,” the authors write. “Their churches may also be attacked or destroyed. Their entire communities may be crushed by a variety of deliberately targeted measures that may or may not entail violence.” …

In his report about December of 2012, for instance, Ibrahim wrote of dozens of Christians slaughtered in Church attacks in Nigeria, the throats of several victims cut; of a Christian man beheaded in Iraq, his remains fed to dogs; of a 70-year-old Bible school teacher shot in front of her home in Pakistan; of a 55-year-old convert to Christianity gunned down in Somalia; and of an explosion that killed two at a Coptic Christian church in Libya.

He also wrote of a young Muslim girl beaten to unconsciousness by her parents after converting to Christianity; of a youth gang that “accosted” the Holy Cross Church in Denmark; of 200 Muslims throwing rotten eggs at Christians who tried to hold Christmas Mass in Indonesia; and of Nadarkhani’s re-arrest in Iran on Christmas Day.

The reason none of this gets anywhere near the media attention it deserves is The Narrative.

The Media Narrative demands that Christians be portrayed as intolerant bullies. To report on Christian persecution throughout the world would mean portraying Christians in a sympathetic light, and that can never be allowed to happen.

The Narrative always trumps news and truth.


For news on this crisis the media refuses to report, the Center for Religious Freedom has just launched a website that tracks worldwide religious persecution.


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