NPR Cancels Two-Decade Old 'Talk of the Nation'

NPR Cancels Two-Decade Old 'Talk of the Nation'

Pretty sad state of affairs when all kinds of government welfare can’t even manage to keep you on the air:

NPR will discontinue its two-decade-old afternoon call-in program “Talk of the Nation,” it announced on Friday. …

According to NPR reporter David Folkenfilk, the network felt that the afternoon radio circuit was saturated with talk-show style programs and wanted to replace it with the more newsy “Here & Now,” which will serve as a bridge between signature programs “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered.”

NPR executives said that the decision was not based on a $7 million budget deficit, which, according to Folkenfilk, is less than 4 percent of its annual operating budget.

Yes, it is hard to compete in the “talk-show style” when you are a subsidized welfare queen and your competition stays alive based on merit.

Sequester closed 149 control towers, but NPR’s still sucking off the taxpayer teat.


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