Report: Williams 'Insulted' Over Rock Center Cancellation

Report: Williams 'Insulted' Over Rock Center Cancellation

NBC News’ Brian Williams signed-off for the last time Friday night from his pet project, the prime time news magazine “Rock Center.”  The New York Times reports there are still some bitter feelings from Williams and his staff toward the network’s decision to pull the plug. 

If the decision to cancel “Rock Center” was not surprising, it was still dismaying to Mr. Williams and to others on the staff, some of whom will lose their jobs after Friday’s final broadcast. (Many others will be absorbed by other NBC News programs.) One staff member said Mr. Williams felt insulted by the network’s decision; another said what pained Mr. Williams most were the layoffs. Staff members were told not to talk to the news media, so those who did speak did so on condition of anonymity.

Most of the staffers on the news magazine are unemployed as of today and it was to them that Williams directed is final sentiments when signing-off:  

My sincere thanks to you for watching and my sincere thanks to the people here who did the work, some of them through gunfire, all of them through long nights, missed flights and time away from lives and loved ones.

Watch the segment here: 

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