Poll: Media Out of Touch On Abortion; 56% Support 20-Week Ban

Poll: Media Out of Touch On Abortion; 56% Support 20-Week Ban

In late June, the whole of the mainstream media attempted to turn Texas State Representative Wendy Davis into a national folk hero. The morning and days after the Democrat successfully filibustered a law that would ban abortion after 20 weeks and increase safety standards at abortion clinics, Davis was everywhere across the media landscape being hailed as America’s new feminist icon.

The only problem with this narrative, though, is that like much of the media, Davis is an extremist on the abortion issue — someone way outside of mainstream thinking in both Texas and America.

What we had here was yet-another case of the media fabricating a reality that doesn’t exist; one in which Wendy Davis represents mainstream thinking, and most especially, the position of everyday American women.

Except she doesn’t. At the height of Wendy-mania, by a margin of 48 to 44%, Americans backed the 20 week ban she famously obstructed. Moreover, women back the ban at an even higher margin: 50 to 44%. In Texas, the ban is favored by 62% of voters.

Eventually, the laws Davis sought to stop were passed and a new Washington Post poll shows that the media affection poured over Davis might have backfired. By a nearly 30 point margin, 56% to 27%, Americans approve of banning abortion after 20 weeks.


At six weeks, the baby’s brain, spinal cord, and central nervous system are all pretty well formed — in outline at least. By the two-month mark, sensory organs begin to develop and bone replaces cartilage. …

At each of these stages, had the bill been passed, it would have remained legal in Texas to kill the child. The law that Wendy Davis and her fellow “pro-science” acolytes so bravely stood against would have rendered it illegal to kill the child after this point. And when I say kill, I mean kill. I mean break bones, rip apart limbs, crush skulls, drain fluids, still a beating heart, annihilate a brain that is capable of dreaming, and crush a nervous system. I mean: Kill.


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