NBC/Politico Cover Up Hillary's Gaffe, Voter ID Extremism

NBC/Politico Cover Up Hillary's Gaffe, Voter ID Extremism

The media push to protect and promote Hillary Clinton is well underway. The idea here is not just to ensure that she faces no damaging primary opposition, but that she steamrolls any Republican who dares try to stop her. Our media is manufacturing a coronation, not a campaign. In order to do this, the media is already ignoring Clinton’s gaffes and her extremism on the issue of voter ID.

Monday night, during a Civil Rights speech that focused on criticizing the very same voter ID laws 83% of Americans approve of (including 73% of Democrats) the former Secretary of State botched the name of Medger Evers, referring to the civil rights icon as “Medgar Evans.”

A small mistake, to be sure, but coming out of the mouth of a Republican it would be used by the NBCs, CNNs, and Politicos of our media to define the event and the candidate as impossibly white and unprepared. Every cable news hour on the hour would lead with this gaffe, and it would enjoy all kinds of exposure at every mainstream media outlet in America.

When it comes to undermining the competence of a Republican (like Mitt Romney) the media is absolutely merciless in focusing on every slip of the tongue.

But not only is the media not making Clinton’s gaffe an issue, in their reports on the event, NBC News, CNN,  and Politico memory-holed it. Neither outlet even bothered to report that it happened — therefore it didn’t happen, right?

And it is not like Clinton doesn’t have a history of patronizing black voters:

Politico, CNN, and NBC also ignored Clinton’s extremism on the issue of voter ID. Although it is an 80/20 issue with voters, the NBC/Politico/CNN reports are written without offering that contextual clarity. Instead, Clinton is made to look as though she is on the right side of this issue… and ohmygod! The Gravitas.

For months after the Sandy Hook massacre, NBC, CNN, Politico and the rest of the mainstream media mercilessly punished conservatives opposed to strengthening background checks as extremist circus freaks for being outside the mainstream of that 80/20 issue.

Hillary is doing exactly the same with voter ID, but because the media want her to be president they simply memory-hole those polls — right along with the gaffe.

Any other questions about why the RNC doesn’t want CNN and NBC hosting their primary debates?


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