New York Times: ObamaCare's More Expensive than Obama Claims

New York Times: ObamaCare's More Expensive than Obama Claims

Like the rest of the mainstream media, The New York Times is right on-the-ball with its three-years-late vetting of ObamaCare. Monday the Times discovered that all this happy talk from Obama, Democrats, and, well, The New York Times, about “affordable” healthcare is just like the rest of ObamaCare — not even close to the truth. The latest nasty ObamaCare surprise is outrageously high deductibles:

For months, the Obama administration has heralded the low premiums of medical insurance policies on sale in the insurance exchanges created by the new health law. But as consumers dig into the details, they are finding that the deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs are often much higher than what is typical in employer-sponsored health plans. …

For policies offered in the federal exchange, as in many states, the annual deductible often tops $5,000 for an individual and $10,000 for a couple.

That is only part of the truth. People who were in the individual market before ObamaCare nationalized it aren’t finding that deductibles are higher than employer-sponsored health plans. They are finding that the deductibles are higher than the deductibles they had in the individual market.

The Times has also discovered that other costs are higher than expected. “For visits to a medical specialist, many plans on the federal exchange require co-payments of $50 to $75 or more,” the Times writes.

Buried deeper in the piece is the revealing of another White House lie. Obama and Democrats like to make it sound as though most everyone is going to receive a subsidy of some sort to offset the cost of premium and deductible sticker shock. According to the Times, though, thus far only 30% of ObamaCare buyers have qualified.

The Times seems to want to premise its report on the false idea that the Obama administration’s sales pitch of low-priced premiums is offset by the reality of hidden, absurdly high out-of-pocket costs. But the cost of the premiums are not lower for many of those who have been forced into the exchanges (after ObamaCare saw to it that the insurance the president promised they could keep was canceled), they are much higher.  

Imagine the cost of ObamaCare premiums if deductibles were in line with expectations or what came before. Basically, ObamaCare is proving itself to be nothing more than a catastrophic health insurance plan, but one priced like a standard health insurance plan. It is a terrible deal and even worse idea if you are trying to convince the healthy and uninsured to sign up.

Why would anyone who is healthy sign up for ObamaCare when its high deductibles ensure that it will only be an additional health care expense that saves you nothing?

Now that the lie about ObamaCare being a good deal is being exposed — even by the likes of The New York Times –the only sales pitch Democrats are going to have left is pure fear-mongering. Before the end of 2014, you can bet that there will be government campaign to convince the young and healthy they already have cancer.


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