National Media Praises Jeb Bush on Foreign Policy

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu
AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

Former Florida Governor and probably 2016 Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, flexed his national security muscles when he gave a speech to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs to discuss foreign policy agenda, in particularly the current war on Islamic fundamentalism.

The Education-guru, who has been sucking up national Republican donations up at a record pace, took this opportunity to praise his brother’s hawkish foreign policy, as well as slam President Obama’s “feckless” and failed foreign policy, leaving the national media to toast him as being an authority on the issue.

We have lost the trust and confidence of our friends,” Bush said. “The greatest irony of the Obama presidency is that someone who came into office promising greater engagement with the world left the nation less influential in the world.

“Our words and actions must match so that the entire world knows that we say what we mean and mean what we say,” he continued. “This administration talks big but their words fade, they draw red lines and then erase them … their hash-tag campaigns replace actual engagement.”-Hill

Bush’s “Right to Rise” PAC sent out a press release stating a number of praises Bush received from the media. From what they are writing, it seems as if they have all decided that Bush is the 2016 GOP presidential candidates.

The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza: “What Bush Is Proving: He Doesn’t Need Much Coaching On Foreign Policy. He Knows This Stuff Cold”(, Accessed On 2/18/15)

CNN’s John King: “A Muscular Speech From Jeb Bush” “BLITZER: ‘And he was very tough in his national security speech today. He went after the President of the United States basically saying he’s been very weak when it comes to foreign affairs. KING: And it was a muscular speech from Jeb Bush.”(CNN’s “Wolf,” 2/18/15)

The Huffington Post’s Sam Stein On Gov. Bush: “Real Approachable…Obviously Has Knowledge/Data Points” “Ok. Tuning out now. I think Jeb’s pretty good at this Q+A thing. Real approachable. And obviously has knowledge/data points.” (, Accessed On 2/18/15)

The Hill Headline: “Bush Slams ‘Feckless’ Obama Foreign Policy” (The Hill, Accessed On 2/18/15)

TIME Magazine: “Ranging Onto Obama’s Home Turf, Bush Denounced The President For Diminishing The Nation’s Stature On The World Stage.” “Ranging onto Obama’s home turf, Bush denounced the President for diminishing the nation’s stature on the world stage. Calling for a more assertive foreign policy that he dubbed “liberty democracy,” Bush skewered Obama’s approach as too passive toward America’s enemies and too murky for U.S. allies to rely upon.” (TIME Magazine, 2/18/15)

The Washington Times’ Right Read Headline: “Jeb On ISIS: ‘Take Them Out’” (The Washington Times, 2/18/15)

CNN: Bush “Argued That The Current White House Has Been ‘Inconsistent And Indecisive’ On National Security” “The former Florida governor argued that the current White House has been ‘inconsistent and indecisive’ on national security — an approach that ‘no longer inspire(s) fear in our enemies,’ according to excerpts of prepared remarks he’s set to make to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.” (CNN, 2/18/15)

National Journal: On Dealing With ISIS, “Bush Was Unequivocal.” “In dealing with the Islamic State and other terrorist groups not linked to a state, Bush was unequivocal. ‘We have to develop a strategy that’s global, that takes them out,’ he said, dismissing diplomacy as a solution. ‘Restrain them, tightening the noose and then taking them out is the strategy. No talking about this. That just doesn’t work, for terrorism.’” (National Journal, 2/18/15)