Clintonian: Hillary Waits Until After Credentialing Ends to Call Press Conference

Hillary Rodham Clinton
The Associated Press

For as long as the media allows them to get away with it, the Clintons are gunna Clinton. By waiting to call today’s press conference until the 24 hour advance notice for press credentialing at the United Nations had already ended (reporters were given about 18 hours notice), Ms. Clinton effectively ensured access to the press conference would be restricted only to journalists already credentialed by the United Nations.

As MSNBC reporter Alex Seitz-Wald explained today in the video below, had she held the presser elsewhere, everyone who wanted in would have gotten in, including those political reporters who likely know the most about this story and are therefore prepared to ask the best questions.

Seitz-Wald: “It’s appearing at the UN, which has a notoriously difficult credentialing process. So there’s going to be a restriction on the number of reporters who can come in. You had to apply 24 hours in advance for press passes. So I don’t know if it is intentional or not, but there will definitely be a limited number than if they held it at, say, a hotel or somewhere else in New York where they could be expected to be mobbed by every reporter and their mother in the city.”

The Clintons are masters at managing and manipulating a media that loves to be managed and manipulated by Democrats. Democrats don’t want the media to damage them politically and the media doesn’t want to damage Democrats politically.

The media have been doing an okay job of staying on Hillary’s email scandal. As expected, there is no zeal or thrill of the hunt in their eyes, but they have stayed on it.

The question now is, how long will they stay on it. Will the media look for any off-ramp available like they did with Benghazi and the IRS? Or will the media run this email fiasco to ground like they did Chris Christie’s Bridgegate, Valerie Plame, Romney’s taxes, Todd Akin, and anything else that could be used as a club against Republicans?

Stay tuned.