Ready For Hillary: New York Times Reporter Deliberately Misses the Point

REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton
REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Playing defense for Hillary, New York Times reporter Jonathan Martin appeared to intentionally play dumb in order to muddy the waters around Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

During her disastrous Tuesday press conference, Ms. Clinton claimed that she did not use a government email account as Secretary of State because dealing with two handheld devices was just too inconvenient. And yet, there is video (from America Rising) of Clinton from just two weeks ago where she brags about owning both a Blackberry and an iPhone.

Reacting to the video Martin tweeted, “C’mon @AmericaRising, lots of folk had Berries, moved to iPhone AND kept Berry for typing[.]”




The point of the America Rising video is to show that a mere two years after leaving her job as Secretary of State, Clinton is suddenly quite comfortable using two devices.

When Clinton had a choice between breaking government regulations and using two devices, she chose to break the rules; she chose to choose what emails the public should see; she chose to delete all the others.

But now that she’s out of office, two devices is totally cool.

According to the Washington Post, Clinton’s “two device”  excuse is shaky. During her time at the White House, other staffers were able to put two email accounts on one device. In other words, there was apparently no need for her to be burdened with two devices.

One important thing to remember about Jonathan Martin is that he’s a hatchet man for the Left. During the ’08 campaign, he attacked a private citizen for asking then-candidate Obama a run-of-the-mill question about jobs. The reason Joe the Plumber had to be destroyed was to distract from Obama’s bungled “spread the wealth” answer.

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