In Wake of Ebola Quarantine Fiasco, Dr. Nancy Snyderman Out at NBC News


Dr. Nancy Snyderman and NBC News announced a parting of the ways Thursday. In a statement, Snyderman said that she is returning to academia. In its own statement, NBC News wished her “all the best.” Snyderman served as NBC’s chief medical correspondent until late last year when she was temporarily replaced after a fiasco involving Snyderman’s Ebola quarantine. She later returned.

Snyderman’s exit comes as no surprise. After returning from Africa where she had been reporting on the horrible Ebola outbreak that swept through parts of that continent late last year, Snyderman and her crew were ordered by the New Jersey Department of Health to remain in a voluntary quarantine for 21 days. This is a standard medical procedure when dealing with the deadly virus due to its incubation period.

Incredibly, especially when you consider her position at NBC News, Snyderman was caught on video violating her quarantine. She went to a favorite restaurant near her home to purchase soup. The fallout wasn’t just to Snyderman’s reputation and that of NBC News. According to TMZ, after the news broke, the restaurant lost customers and a young woman working as a maid lost her job.

Snyderman, a left-winger who declared it was her “patriotic duty” to force her kids to sign up for ObamaCare, had been with NBC News since 2009. According to the statements, Snyderman made the decision to leave.

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