Donald Trump Instagram Ad Features Liberal Icons Jon Stewart, Bill Maher


If you ever wondered what a Donald Trump Instagram ad would look like for his take-no-prisoners presidential campaign, well–all right, you’ve never wondered that. But he made one anyway!

Trump posted a brief video to his Instagram account Monday with a droll comment: “Have some fun with this-.” The video, scored by whimsical pizzicato strings, cuts together a montage of his “toughest critics” reacting to Trump’s high poll numbers in the 2016 Republican presidential primary.

We see Al Sharpton, Chris Matthews, the Huffington Post, Bette Midler, the New York Daily News, Jon Stewart, and Bill Maher all weighing in on Trump’s ascendant campaign. Some appear upset at Trump’s rise, some appear excited–implying Democrats will run an easy race against him–and Midler, the actress and singer well known for left-wing Twitter tirades, appears to endorse Trump’s ideas on poverty.

HuffPo’s Igor Bobic declares Trump a “front-runner,” starting his headline with a sarcastic “Congrats, America!” MSNBC’s Matthews wonders, “Could he leave the rest of them [GOP presidential candidates] lying in the street?”

“F**k me,” Stewart sighs in a clip from The Daily Show, a graphic of Trump’s poll numbers above his shoulder. Maher says on his HBO program Real Time: “It’s not going away,” presumably talking about Trump’s campaign.

WATCH Donald Trump’s Instagram campaign ad:

Have some fun with this-

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