After Blasting Trump for Mexico Comments, CNN Smears Entire African Country as ‘Hotbed of Terror’


For nearly six weeks, CNN has used every opportunity to rake Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump over the coals for comments he made while characterizing the people Mexico encourages to sneak into America. Proving again just what a terribly-run, and some might say racist network CNN is, on Wednesday CNN falsely smeared Kenya as a “hotbed of terror.”

Yes, you read that correctly: the same smug, condescending, sanctimonious left-wing cable news network that is still making hay from Trump’s comments went out of its way on more than one occasion to defame an entire African country as a “hotbed of terror.”

The smear occurred during a CNN broadcast, in written form, and over Twitter:

CNN only acknowledged the error in an updated post on its web site, but only after a Twitter campaign using the hashtag #SomeoneTellCNN demanded the correction.

CNN puts on a smiling face when it comes to pandering to identity politics but the left-wing network’s behavior towards black people is something completely different and oftentimes disturbing.

More than once, CNN has openly ginned up violence in predominantly black neighborhoods. The network has also been sued for racial discrimination and faced criticism for its treatment of some black staffers by the National Association of Black Journalists.

Based on CNN’s recent history, it seems fair to question if CNN’s false assumption that an African country is a “hotbed of terror” is based on the racist assumptions of its predominantly white staff, including CNN chief Jeff Zucker.

What CNN’s racially-driven smear might do to damage Kenya’s future tourism and business economy is yet to be seen.


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