Trump Announces Personal Boycott of Fox News – Fox Hits Back

Donald Trump
The Associated Press

UPDATE: Trump has responded back to Fox News:

Mr. Trump stands by his statement made earlier today. As a candidate for President of the United States and the definitive front runner in every poll, both nationally and state wide, including the just released poll in the state of Florida, Mr. Trump expects to be treated fairly. All you have to do is look at the tremendous ratings last night from the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where Mr. Trump was the guest, or the ratings from both debates, to fully understand the facts.


Using his Twitter account, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump announced Wednesday that “for the foreseeable future” he is boycotting Fox News. Upset with his coverage on the “fair and balanced” network, Trump tweeted, “Fox News  has been treating me very unfairly & I have therefore decided that I won’t be doing any more Fox shows for the foreseeable future.”

Trump probably holds the most leverage in this fight. He’s a ratings juggernaut who can dash over to CNN or MSNBC and boost their ratings with a single appearance.

A couple of hours later, Fox responded with a statement calling Trump’s attacks “stale and tiresome.”


Tuesday morning, Trump took to Twitter to complain about his coverage on both the “O’Reilly Factor” and Megyn Kelly’s show.

Trump’s war with Kelly dates back almost two months to the Fox News presidential debate.

Hillary Clinton is also boycotting Fox News.

The Godmother of Birtherism just doesn’t have the courage to say so out loud.


Post updated with Fox News response. 

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