DC Media Fail: Carson Beats Hillary, Leaps 7 Points Into 2nd Place In GOP Field

Ben Carson
The Associated Press

Two weeks ago the DC media launched a coordinated 10 day racist hate campaign against Dr. Ben Carson. A new CNN poll shows that this campaign backfired spectacularly. A new polls shows that Carson’s support leapt +7 points to 22%. He is now in second place behind Donald Trump, who is up +3 at 27%. In the general election, Carson also beats Hillary 48% – 47%.

Let me explain why the DC media is racist and why the increase in support for Carson is justified.

In the wake of yet another school mass-shooting (that Democrats and the DC Media prove time and again they want to do nothing to stop) Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson suggested that in the future, rather than waiting to get picked off, students should instead fight back against the armed mad men. Carson also suggested that Jews in Nazi Germany might have been able to resist more effectively had the government not confiscated their guns in advance of the Holocaust.

Carson has said some bizarre things in the past. And I’ve criticized him for it. Nothing above is even close to controversial. In fact, it is common sense. Nevertheless, the media spent a full 10 days attacking Carson over the statements. The implication was that he is stupid, anti-Semitic, and crazy.

Why did the media do this?

Simple: they are old school Democrat racists.

Powerful black conservatives must be destroyed at all costs. We saw this with Clarence Thomas. The DC Media is a branch of the Democrat Party, and Democrats know that if they lose even a fraction of the black vote they are doomed as a national party. Men like Carson are therefore seen as an existential threat who must be annihilated through the media’s “othering” campaigns.

History reminds us that in order to keep hold of political power, “keeping blacks in line” is in the DNA of the DC Media. It was Democrats who opposed Lincoln freeing the slaves. It was Democrats who instituted Jim Crow laws. And now it is Democrats and their media allies “othering” any minority who dares stray from the Liberal Thought Plantation.

The racist attacks like we saw against Ben Carson two weeks ago are not only about destroying the individual threat but also about teaching others a lesson. These attacks a warning to others to “stay in line.”

The subtext of the DC Media’s hate campaign against Carson is loud and clear, “We gotta git that boy’s mind right!”

If you want to know what prompted the DC media’s coordinated campaign, click here. The same week the media went after Carson is the same week the media coordinated Hillary’s rehab, starting with a 4 day NBC News infomercial.

This, however, is not why Carson’s approval numbers jumped. Being a victim of the media’s racist attacks is not enough to gain votes. Just look at Herman Cain.

Carson’s standing increased because of how well he handled himself. Throughout the entire attack, across all of the DC media (CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, NPR, CBS, etc.), Carson faced his tormentors and prevailed. Carson was strong, dignified, articulate, and won every exchange.

Throughout the primary campaign I have been the opposite of impressed with Carson’s media skills. That all changed two weeks ago.  Carson was magnificent in numerous ways: keeping his cool, winning the debate, sticking to his arguments, getting his message out.

Better still, on top of making fools of them, Carson exposed his racist oppressors.


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