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Hillary Clinton Slips Against GOP; Loses to Surging Ted Cruz

Despite the fact that her allies in DC Media have handed Hillary Clinton six weeks of the best press any presidential candidate not named Barack Obama could ask for, despite the fact this same corrupt media has launched an outright

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CNN Poll: 53% of Democrat Voters Want Someone Other Than Hillary

Among Democrat voters Hillary Clinton is still the frontrunner by a comfortable margin but the trends are moving against her. For the first time in a CNN poll, Clinton has slipped below 50% support among Democrats. Only 47% say they

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L.A. Times Defends Obama on ISIS; Polls Disagree

The Los Angeles Times published an editorial on Tuesday defending President Barack Obama’s policy of confronting ISIS (Islamic State) through “strategic patience” and rallied behind his long-held opposition to sending U.S. troops to the Middle East. However, most of America doesn’t agree.

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