Fact Check: Washington Post Uses Debunked Smears to Attack Carson, Fiorina

Writing for the left-wing Washington Post, Jenna Johnson and David …

Writing for the left-wing Washington Post, Jenna Johnson and David A. Fahrenthold are using now-debunked smears against Republican presidential candidates Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina to attack their credibility. Worse still, the hit-piece is disguised as news not opinion.

Let’s go through the Post’s proven falsehoods one by one:

“Watch a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking while someone says, ‘We have to keep it alive to harvest its brain,’ ” said former tech executive Carly Fiorina during the second GOP debate, suggesting that she had seen such a video.

She hadn’t.

Actually, Fiorina had seen the video. We’ve all seen the video. And once again, for obvious reasons, the serially-dishonest “reporters” at the Post chose not to link or embed the video in question. The Post knows that doing so would prove them liars.

“I’m not going to say it is a mistake, so forget about it,” said retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, asked about his claims that he had received a scholarship offer from West Point, when he hadn’t actually applied to the school.

The DC Media’s West Point smear against Carson was debunked within hours — days before this Post hit-piece published. The Post doesn’t even bother to inform its readers of the controversy surrounding this smear — including Politico’s serial-corrections.

Adding the West Point smear in this way is nothing more than the left-wing Post intentionally spreading the smear.

In the same debate, CNBC moderator Carl Quintanilla asked Carson about his relationship with a nutritional-supplement-maker called Mannatech. The company and its co-founder in 2009 agreed to a $7 million settlement with the Texas attorney general over allegations that the firm falsely marketed its dietary supplements as remedies for serious illnesses. It did not admit wrongdoing.

“I didn’t have an involvement with them. That is total propaganda,” Carson replied.

The Post does not inform its readers that during the debate, Carson again vouched for the product by saying he still takes the supplement. Here are the full Carson comments the Post obviously did not want its readers to read:

CARSON: Well, that’s easy to answer. I didn’t have an involvement with them. That is total propaganda, and this is what happens in our society. Total propaganda.

I did a couple of speeches for them, I do speeches for other people. They were paid speeches. It is absolutely absurd to say that I had any kind of a relationship with them.

Do I take the product? Yes. I think it’s a good product.

As far as the rest of the Post’s allegations, Breitbart’s own Michael Leahy fully debunked The Mannatech Fable.

The piece also attacks Trump’s honesty. Granted, he was mistaken about the Ford Motor Company rethinking its decision to move a plant overseas, and certainly got it wrong during the CNBC debate when he said that he had not criticized Senator Marco Rubio’s relationship with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg.

This, however, is just a cheap gotcha from the same propaganda outlet defending Hillary Clinton’s proven and documented lies about Benghazi:

“We made a terrible mistake getting involved [in Afghanistan] in the first place,” he told CNN’s Chris Cuomo in October.

Then, later that month on CNN: “I’ve never said we made a mistake going into Afghanistan.”

But you said . . .

“I never said that. Okay? Wouldn’t matter, I never said it,” Trump said.

Note how the Post “reporters” had to add the words “in Afghanistan” to Trump’s sentence. Trump claims he misspoke. There are no other examples of him claiming Afghanistan was a mistake.

Hillary lied about the death of four Americans. Hillary serially-lied about her email set-up. Hillary serially-lied about her foundation taking money from foreign countries while she was a sitting Secretary of State.

But Mannatech.

Hillary’s trust numbers are in the toilet. As of now, trust is her biggest weakness. If you’re wondering why the DC Media is inventing these smears, there is your answer.

Breitbat News awards this Washington Post hit-piece 4 John Harwoods.



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