Politico’s Dylan Byers Reads Romney’s Mind To Protect His Awful Colleagues

Byers keeps repeating the same thing to justify the media’s reprehensible behavior this week

….the fact that Romney called the press conference in order to double-down on his political attack.

Even if this is true and it partly is, how does this justify the entire media complex ignoring Obama’s foreign policy blunders in order to continue to obsess over something Romney said days ago?

In his statement before the press conference that morning, Romney did repeat his criticism of the Cairo Embassy’s apology, but does Byers seriously think Romney took eight questions in the hopes he would be given the opportunity to repeat himself eight times? 

Of course not.

Obviously (and naively), Romney was hoping his traveling press corps would do its job and ask him about his ideas and positions on the unfolding events beyond, “What about your gaaaaffes?”

But because Byers and the Obama-shills at that presser are determined NOT to allow Romney out of the “What about your gaaaaffes?” box, the questions and Byers and Politico’s front page (even as the world burns) remain fixated.

But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Byers isn’t a pathetic flak for his pathetic colleagues and after reading Romney’s mind knows for certain that Romney called the presser, not to be given an opportunity to expand on his criticism and talk about the bigger issues, but to double down, you know, eight freakin’ times.


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