Reuters: Can Romney Recover From ‘Botching’ Libya

Talk about setting the Narrative; here’s Reuters pretending that Libya is a bigger problem for Mitt Romney than it is for President ItWasTheYouTube:

After Libya misfire, pressure on Romney in foreign policy debate

When President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney face off on Monday in their third
and final debate, it will be the Republican challenger’s last best chance to
recover from his botched “Libya moment” and exploit vulnerabilities in his
opponent’s foreign policy record.

But Romney has an uphill struggle to make his case against Obama, who will be
buoyed by the advantages of incumbency as well as polls showing him with an edge
– though a shrinking one – on the question of who is more trusted in global

Reuters is obviously under the illusion that two media-generated “misfires” on Romney’s part is somehow a bigger deal that the Obama Administration’s epic security failures and subsequent cover up.

The two misfires Reuters is on about include The Corrupt Candy Crowley’s failed fact-check during the second debate and the media freak-out that followed Romney’s perfectly valid criticism of the apology our embassy in Cairo doubled down on after they were overrun with Islamists.

Only in the eyes of the desperately corrupt media does anyone see either of those moments as Romney-gaffes. What anyone with an IQ above room temperature sees is the referees running on the field to tackle Romney in order to protect Their Precious One.  

You expect the media to spin and lie, but this borders on delusional denial.

Obama is playing a semantics game with four dead Americans and we all know it.