Norah O’Donnell & Charlie Rose Don’t Ask Colin Powell About Libya

On the “CBS Morning Show,” Norah O’Donnelland Charlie Rose interviewed General Colin Powell and made high-class fools of themselves asking Powell a host of leading softball questions that were intentionally designed to allow him to attack Romney with Obama’s talking points.

After Powell endorsed Obama’s second term, it was softball after leading softball, like…

What concerns do you have about Governor Romney’s foreign policy?

Are you concerned about the people that are advising Governor Romney?

So you blame the failure to find a grand bargain on the congress and not the president?

Are you still a Republican?

Are you then saying that you may have to leave the Republican if it then continues in the direction that it’s going?

It’s pretty obvious those last two questions were set up to allow Powell to smack around the “extreme” Republican party, which is exactly what he did. But here’s the kicker….


Not one.

How in the world do you interview a Colin Powell and not ask about the biggest foreign policy issue in the country right now? 

Obviously, O’Donnell and Rose are merely disguising themselves as “journalists” and are feeling every bit as desperate as President Big Bird to rescuse his collapsing campaign.


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