Obama ‘Not Losing’ Media Narrative Begins to Crack

Tuesday, the day after a debate Obama supposedly won, the CorruptMedia was going through a quiet meltdown. Though polls showed Obama had won the debate, all the internals and focus groups showed Romney had won the bigger argument of moving voters. The result was a bizarre news day where left-wing reporters and talking heads were doing everything in their power to keep from gulping on-air.

The next day, Tuesday, the CorruptMedia had obviously received its talking points from the Obama campaign and abruptly  snapped out of it. Starting with marching orders from Mike Allen’s Irrelevant Playbook, all we heard yesterday was that Obama had enough swing states wrapped up to win the electoral college.

For the most part, that held throughout today, but cracks are now starting to show. Newsbusters found this Tweet from The New York Times’ Jeff Zeleny:

In closing days of the race, Romney frames his candidacy as ‘big-choice’ vs.  status quo of Obama. It’s like watching ’08 in reverse.

At the Daily Beast, Democratic pollster Doug Schoen writes today about “Romney’s Surge“:

Taken together, Romney’s improving image and the changing polls in Ohio do not paint a good picture for Obama. Time is running out for the president to counter Mitt’s surge. It’s still a tie, but things seem to be trending Romney’s way.

Matt Bai at The New York Times has already started the “Post-Obama Blame Game:”

Some Democrats are apparently not waiting for Barack Obama to lose the presidential election before starting the inevitable recriminations about whose fault it was. Whether writing strictly on his own hook or as a result of conversations with campaign officials, New York Times political writer Matt Bai has fired the first shot in what may turn out to be a very nasty battle over who deserves the lion’s share of the blame for what may turn out to be a November disaster for the Democrats. That the Times would publish a piece on October 24 that takes as its starting point the very real possibility that the president will lose, and that blame for that loss needs to be allocated, is astonishing enough. But that their nominee for scapegoat is the man who is almost certainly the most popular living Democrat is the sort of thing that is not only shocking, but might be regarded as a foretaste of the coming battle to control the party in 2016.

The charade of inevitability is a crucial component in Obama’s reelection strategy and when the media loses faith, as they did on Tuesday, Chicago and left-wing outlets like CorruptPolitico are out there pounding away to get everyone back in line.

But right now, as polls move glacially in Romney’s direction and the president is reduced to binders, Big Bird, bayonets, and bullshitter, panic bubbles and the line begins to crack.