Report: Dem-Leaning Colorado Counties Could Go GOP

A GOP source sent along some early turnout numbers from the swing state of Colorado. These numbers are a couple of hours old. But I want to pass along as much actual data as I can.

Adams County (Lean D County) – Strong Republican turnout based on morning data – on track to win since first time in 1984. Absentee/Early Vote margins will be hard for Democrats to overcome today. Right now it’s a virtual tie. Election Day thus far is 3696 D, 3549 R

Arapahoe (Swing County) – Election Day turnout this morning: 4,860 Democrat & 5,271 Republican. Over 83% of the vote was Absentee/Early Vote: 75,653 Democrat & 75,812 Republican.

Jefferson County (Swing County) – Absentee/Early Vote: 78,738 Democrat & 85,378 Republican. No election day numbers.

Again, no one is trying to spin anything here, including my source. These are numbers from this morning in crucial Colorado counties. All this is is a snapshot.