CNN’s Soledad O’Brien Badgers Republican Congressman to Raise Taxes

This is the kind of behavior you get from the left-wing media after they’ve become emboldened by an election victory. We can expect many more months of this insufferable behavior, believe me.

The video below is edited, and I didn’t see the full context of Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s appearance, but it’s pretty obvious that Soledad O’Brien and her panel are badgering Chaffetz based on the premise that his reluctance to raise taxes has nothing to with principle or sound fiscal policy and everything to do with Grover Norquist.

Again, I didn’t see the entire appearance, but judging from Soledad and company’s histrionics, Chaffetz wasn’t able to shut them up using the half-dozen or good, sound reasons to oppose this tax hike. And isn’t that part of our problem; that too many on our side seem incapable of out-communicating and out-debating the left-wing media’s talking points?

Why, yes  – yes, it is.