BuzzFeed’s Leftward Lurch Lands on Narcissism

Like the rest of the left-wing media, BuzzFeed Politics is feeling emboldened by their electoral victory last Tuesday night. Now the push is on to pretend Global Warming actually exists and must be dealt with and you just know we’re not going to hear the end of same sex marriage until  the same Churches currently being forced (with the blessing of the media) to provide birth control are also forced to perform marriage ceremones for same sex couples.

It does, somehow, get worse.

Today’s big BuzzFeed feature is about … a BuzzFeed reporter!

You’ve heard of identity politics; welcome to identity reporting. You see, McKay Coppins is Mormon and that somnehow makes his personal story all the more insightful and precious, or something.

Because in the end, it’s all about how the media wants to be the story — but as hard as this might be to believe, the story oif Romney’s Mormonism or America’s acceptance of LDS has nothing to do with the people charged with reporting on him.

Dear Diary… Spare me.