Chuck Todd Bares His Fangs Against McCain’s Libya Investigation

According to Chuck Todd on today’s MSNBC “Daily Rundown,” the Libya issue is pretty much settled, Susan Rice did nothing wrong, and John McCain’s  hunt for the truth is what Todd describes in his chyron as a “Rivalry Revisited.”

Todd’s agenda is blatantly obvious; he wants to tarnish McCain’s investigation as a personal vendetta so that it can’t get any media traction and whatever the investigation finds is discredited even before it’s released.

Not only is Todd fighting to keep the truth from coming out, he’s prepping the ground to ensure anything McCain finds is politically tainted in advance.

Apparently, the entire NBC News’ family is in on this. Todd played a clip of McCain on this morning’s “Today Show” where Matt Lauer pretty much accused the Senator of launching a witch hunt.

Todd also lied through omission. The fact that New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte has joined McCain and Lindsey Graham in the call for a Watergate-style investigation into Libya was something Todd never disclosed to his audience.  But it’s hard to ascribe sinister motives to an attractive, 43 year-old female senator from the Northeast.