Women in combat equals Women must register for Selective Service

Equal means equal

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta made his decision and now all women should live with it. Secretary Panetta announced on January 24, 2013 the end of the “direct ground combat exclusion rule for female service members.”

Males are required by law to register for Selective Service at age 18 including immigrant males (documented or undocumented).

  • Standards for combat readiness should be same for males and females.
  • Bullets, IED’s and RPG’s do not discriminate and neither should we.
  • Especially when fighting radical Muslims women face a new dynamic. The torture and rape of captured males dragged through the streets is all too common. How will women fare?
  • Is America prepared for more women coming home in body bags sometime in the future?

The Selective Service System has this statement on their website. 

Even though the Secretary of Defense has decided to allow women in combat jobs, the law has not been changed to include this. Consequently, only men are currently required to register by law with Selective Service during ages 18 thru 25. Women still do not register. (January 24, 2013)

We cannot be equal but separate in application of the law.