Chicago's Deadly Gun Culture Can't be Medicated

As the gun control debate rages on, some serious conservatives and others have called for legislation that would deal with the mentally ill. However, for instance, Chicago newspaper headlines like “Ronnie Chambers, 33, is the fourth child Shirley Chambers has lost to gun violence. She has no more,” are the norm in that city. Of the 500 plus homicides in Chicago last year, 80 percent of them where gang related. All this in a city with some of America’s most restrictive gun laws. 

While I agree that our focus should be on ways to keep guns away from the insane, shouldn’t conservatives be asking the questions the Left won’t? For instance, how, after having enacted some of the country’s most stringent gun laws did Chicago remain a gun and gang-driven blood bath? The gang violence gripping the city of Chicago, the brutal murders ravishing that city on a daily bases didn’t exist a generation ago; so what has happened? 

Some gun-grabbing Liberals like Piers Morgan blame guns from neighboring states. But noted scholar and social critic David Burge debunks that, stating, “Chicago [P]oliticians blame rampant shootings on guns from Indiana and Iowa, which, mysteriously, don’t have rampant shootings.”

The bloodshed in Chicago isn’t caused by the criminally insane, needing to be committed and medicate. No. Chicago’s murder rate is an outgrowth of a disintegrated values system in that city. A miasma underclass culture has been swallowed whole. 

But, without a set of guiding principles, Liberals are left impotent and incapable of facing the culture that they created. 


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