Media that Ushered in the Affirmative Action President Now Shocked by the Affirmative Action Economy

The United States economy contracted in the forth quarter of 2012. Most analysts had higher expectations. Me, not so much. I’m smart enough to know that our president is the guy who was willing to be reduced to his race in order to win an election. Yes. President Obama’s skin color was the only reason he was elected in 2008. The man has no actual experience or affection for free markets. So, this morning when I read the New York Times‘ headline “Economy Contracted Unexpectedly in the forth Quarter,” I laughed my ass off. 

America’s debt to GDP is racing toward 200 percent. And as Obamacare becomes a reality, companies are downsizing to cope with the coming avalanche of regulations. Unfortunately, the bad economic news we got today is the new normal. Just don’t expect the Self-Congratulating Moral Elitists in the mainstream press to realize, or report it.