Ron Paul's conditional love for the military

Ron Paul’s bizarre insult against murdered Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle today is causing outrage everywhere. And deservedly so.

I’ve heard for years from Ron Paul supporters about how he is supported by the troops, and that he’s been the only Republican presidential candidate with military experience (the Hagel defense). But Paul’s love for the troops has often seemed somewhat conditional–i.e. conditioned on their willingness to oppose the wars they’re in. It’s not quite the same as the Obamas’ “support” for the troops, when “support” doesn’t mean victory but withdrawal. But it’s a near relative.

As a reminder: last year, Breitbart News investigated a strange incident in which Paul invited a U.S. soldier to address a campaign rally–in uniform. Paul did not seem to care that he was inviting the soldier to violate Pentagon directives that restrict politicking in uniform. It was the political point that mattered.

Well, I guess he’s finally made one.