If It's Yellow Let It Mellow

In response to A fine rant from Senator Paul:

John – I should have noted that the clip of Rand Paul demolishing the DoE twit was from March 2011, but your point remains. This is precisely the line of attack conservatives need to take – putting a proverbial cream pie in the face of the Nanny State, forcing them to defend the absurdity they inflict on the rest of us. It helps when the person defending the Divine Rights of the Toilet Ministry is a pinch-faced arrogant Nurse Ratched straight from central casting. I would note that while Ms. Hogan’s vita mentions her graduate environmental degrees and oversight of $17 billion of taxpayer cash, it doesn’t mention her experience in designing (or unclogging) commodes. Perhaps she’s never needed it, given her general aura of constipation.

I’m curious; when people in DC came up with the the idea to ban light bulbs, what went off above their heads?

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