Anti-terror conservatives also consistent on drone policy

In response to Meet the New Boss:

I think it’s true that libertarians generally have been consistent in their criticisms of drone policy (and anti-terror policies in general). But so, too, have the so-called “neoconservatives”–folks like Charles Krauthammer and John Yoo, who have backed anti-terror policies and executive prerogatives in war even under Obama. 

The libertarians have taken rights seriously; the neoconservatives have taken the threat of global Islamic terror seriously. The only people who have not been serious are the left-liberals, and to a lesser extent the so-called “realists,” many of whom hitched their wagon to Obama’s campaign bus in 2008 and 2012 (but who have, in fairness, offered more cogent criticisms of the Arab Spring, before and after, than most of the others).