Oh, It Is On Like Obi-Wan

In response to At Least I Have Dreams:

Thanks to Ace’s incessant backbiting, it appears we have lost our readerSo now it’s time to THROW DOWN.

Tease my mullet and mesh jersey and Talledega infield manners all you want, but at least the carhops at Dog ‘N’ Suds know how to have a good time. Which is more than you can say for the cosplay Ewok women of StarComiNerdiCon.

And just because I haven’t contributed to George Lucas’ merchandising wealth doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a good action figure. Behold some of my own Imagination Toolkit, in this exclusive peek inside the HawkCave: 


(L-R: Abe Lincoln, cursed tikis, Mexican toads, contemplating apes)


(L-R: luchador, axe murders, Rat Finks, Broadway Bob Metzler)