The San Jose Memory-Hole

When it comes to airbrushing away inconveniences, the San Jose Mercury-News can teach those 1938 Soviets a thing or two.

Case in point: their story on suspected serial killer Chris Dorner (complete with handy ‘RACISM’ headline and camo-American flag photo) refers to his “14-page manifesto.” Hmm. 14 you say? I seem to recall it was 22. I wonder where those missing 8 pages vanished.

Luckily the M-N provides a link to their “transcript” of Dorner’s rambling rant.

Oddly enough there seem to be a few words missing that appear in complete version. Words like “gun control.” And “Obama.” And “Hillary,” and “Piers Morgan,” and “NRA,” and “Chris Matthews.”
In fact, the M-N seems to have disappeared an entire 8 pages worth of star-struck mash notes to media celebs and lefty politicians, threats to George Zimmerman, and death wishes to NRA officials.

Well, I suppose it wasn’t that newsworthy, and they were probably running out of pixels. Who am I to question the judgment of professional journalists?