Is Obama Going to Make a Statement on the Sickness of Chris Dorner Hero Worship?

He weighed in on another local crime with racial implications, in order to say if he had a son he’d look like Trayvon Martin.

So will he be counseling people that they shouldn’t make a hero out of a serial killer?

Or is that too controversial a stance for him to take?

Isn’t he our national VolkVater?  Doesn’t Dad tell us when we do bad things, like make serial killers into folk heroes?  

Didn’t he himself make it a priority to reduce the “toxic language” and “hate” expressed in our national discourse?

Does that priority become inoperative when such toxic hatred comes from his base?

Exit Question:  If there’s a copycat murder — the copycat having received the clear implication from CNN and Obama’s silence that this is perfectly defensible behavior, so long as the right people are being targeted — who will be to blame?